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As far as we know, a house has stood on this site for over 250 years.

The first farmhouse – simply called “Crubin” back then - burnt down in 1866, claiming the lives of 2 elderly spinsters, sale  Charlotte & Jane MacPherson whose remains lie beneath their headstone in a tiny private cemetery 100 yards to the north of us in the field below the house. (There is a fascinating story about the fire and about links with the two ladies’ great grandniece who used to live in nearby Glentruim House over a century later. It is recounted in Sandra MacPherson’s book, “A Strange & Wild Place” – we have a copy and are happy to let you have a read.)

Crubenbeg House as a ruin, newtonmore bed and breakfast, dog friendly accommodationThe house was rebuilt over the next few years but tragedy struck again just over 100 years later when fire virtually destroyed the house in November 1968. Sadly, the building then stood derelict, exposed to the elements for about 20 years until 1989.

In that year, Miggi and Jenny, two ladies of vigour & vision, bought the site and set about building the current Crubenbeg House and developing excellent holiday cottages in the old farm steading just up the hill behind us – now in the separate ownership of our friends Lily & Jon.

Miggi and Jenny took great care to ensure that the house, whilst modern in its construction, was built in keeping with our rural surroundings and in a style closely resembling its predecessors. They also observed a number of features traditional to this area – the lounge, for example, has no ceiling lights, relying, as in the old days, on wall lights and standard lamps to create a relaxing environment with ample illumination.

We were lucky enough to buy this wonderful home in 2018 – it is a tremendous place to live. We hope the house is now more comfortable ensuring that you and your other guests will enjoy your stay here.

Do come and see for yourself – we look forward to greeting you.









These 3 photos of the house in 1977 kindly provided by Paul Renmant.