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Look at all the things we've got up to!

All in aid of Maggie's Highlands - The Cancer Caring Centre in Inverness.

Hello and thanks for clicking through to my Maggie's Page.

Back in 2009 & 2010 we and our guests did lots of wonderful things to raise funds for the Maggie's Cancer Care. It all started with my plans to do a Bungee Jump and over the past 7 years we have raised over £13000.00 - so far - for this superb, worthy cause. I owe a big Thank You to everyone who contributed so much.

The fun continues......

Bike the BridgeA bit further down this page you can read about how this fundraising for Maggie's all started - why I did a Bungy Jump and why I chose Maggie's Cancer Care to raise funds for. You'll also be able to read about my Skydive and both of us completeing the famous Routeburn Tramp in a single day! You can also watch the videos of the Bungy & the Skydive!!

But let me bring you right up to speed with details of what we are doing this November while we are, once again, in New Zealand.


Our "Kiwi Quad" of 4 Challenges gets underway when we take part in the Annual Bike the Bridge event, when hundreds of cyclists stream across the famous Auckland Harbour Bridge on the only day of the year when bikes are allowed to cross.

Next up is the Tongariro Crossing, a 20 km trek with 5000 feet of ascent & descent, through a live volcanic region in the heart of North Island. A couple of days later, you'll find us cucling a one-day section of the new Timber Trail, a 25 miles off-road route which includes two of the longest suspension bridges in the UK, testing John's fear of heights again!

Lastly, the day before we come home, we'll be abseiling 100 meteres into the Lost World part of the Waitomo Cave System - a real challenge for Irene, I can tell you!

If you'd like to make it all the more worthwhile by making a donation, that would be simply superb, thank you.

Please just visit my Just Giving Page - nothing could be simpler.

Thank You so much!

Let's have a look at what we've done before......

John England Skydive over Queenstown for MaggiesJohn's Skydive - 2012.

This wee jaunt started with my 57th Birthday on 9th June 2011 for which Irene committed to buy me a Tandem Skydive!! This, like the Bungy Jump, was actually an ambition of mine, though some would say that she's simply trying to get rid of me!!

The Jump was duly completed without major incident, over Queenstown, New Zealand on 28th November. My biggest challenge, other than dealing with my vertigo, was to lose a good bit of weight as I had to come in at no more than 14 stones, with the kit & the harness on. It was well worth it - one guy got told that he coudn't jump as he was above the limit on the day!!

John England Skydive over Queenstown for MaggiesThe Skydive was, quite simply, an assault on the senses, such as I have never experienced before. 200 kph in a downwards direction for 64 seconds before the Jumpmaster pulls the ripcord and sanity returns. Under his guidance we made a great landing and I even remembered my lines - "Shaken not stirred" and undid my jumpsuit to reveal a bow tie, James Bond style, both of which earned Maggie's an extra £50.00 thanks to two generous sponsors.

If you'd like to see for yourself, what some describe as a comedy, some as a horror movie - here you go!

 Irene's Solo Routeburn in a Day - 2012.

Irene England at Routeburn Lake Mackenzie for Maggies(Well, that was the original plan - read on!!)

During our New Zealand trip in 2010, we very much enjoyed the Routeburn Tramp, one of the great walks that you can do down there. This guided trip took 3 days. Irene reckoned that she can walk it in one day!! So, when we were planning our return to NZ for November, 2012, it was agreed that she was going to do just that - for Maggie's!!

However, things moved on a wee bit and as things turned out, I ended up doing the Tramp with her! I thought at the time and can now fully confirm, that the 22 miles and almost 4000 feet of ascent & descent - all in a single day,was at the top end of what I could manage, though Irene would have no problem at all.

Irene England at Routeburn Lake Mackenzie for MaggiesWe left the Divide at 08.30 on 27th November and some 11.5 hours later, with a total of 10 hours 10 minutes walking, the Routeburn Shelter Car Park & our trusty Nissan Sunny hove into view. Phew, Job Done. (Don't ask about my expertise, newly discovered, for dropping off to sleep on the hoof!!)

Our Collecting Box in Reception.

In addition, we're still collecting donations in our box at reception for Irene's recipes and for laundry services, which we provide. (We've just emptied our 4rd box, which had £187.37 secreted in it!!)

If you'd like to make a donation, please visit my Justgiving page. All support will be gratefully received by ourselves and by Maggie's.

So, why did I do a Bungee Jump?

Nevis High Wire Bungee, John from newtonmore bed and breakfast, dog friendly accommodation

I know that jumping into space with just a bit of elastic tied round your ankles isn't everybody's idea of a good time.

However, for me it was, quite simply, something that I "always" wanted to do, though it had to be in Queenstown, New Zealand, where A.J. Hackett invented the modern day version of the sport. Only the best would do!!

Well, as of 24th November 2010, Mission Accomplished!! Job Done!!

It was a super, sunny day and the scenery was spectacular, though I have to say that I didn't take much notice of either as I plummeted headlong for 134 metres - a drop that lasted 8.5 awe-inspiring seconds.

Nevis-High Wire Bungee, John from newtonmore bed and breakfast, dog friendly accommodationWhat did I do Bungee Jump For?

The idea of doing my Jump for charity, rather than just for me, came about when chatting to some regular guests who, whilst thinking I was "crazy", said that they'd very much like to see the "Movie" and would be willing to pay for the privilege by sponsoring me. As a survivor of Cancer myself, it was easy for me to choose a Charity to jump for - Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres - an organisation founded right here in Scotland and with their Highlands centre at Raigmore Hospital in Inverness too!

Well, dear Friends, Sponsors and Supporters, your wish is, as ever, my command.

The link to the video is at the bottom of the page and there are some photos in the Gallery too. See the terror for yourself!!!

Was it worth it? Yes. Without a doubt!!

Maggies Cancer Care Centre Inverness

Through the combination of our mad-cap adventures, our 3 superb dinners at Anderson's Restaurant, our End of Term Weekends here at Crubenbeg, our collection boxes and with the unstinting support of friends and guests alike we've raised over £13000.00 over the last couple of years. Not a shabby result at all, as a good friend of mine would say - the highest praise he can muster!!

So far, so good, but so what? (As my old boss used to say).

Maggie's Cancer Caring Centre in Inverness, can always use more funds, so if you'd like to help, we'd be delighted and Irene & I offer our thanks to you too. You can make your donation here.

My sincere personal thanks to everyone who has kindly & generously helped so far in this endeavour - I, and Maggie's, really do appreciate your generosity.


The aim of "Maggie's" is to keep people who have Cancer as healthy in mind and body as possible, by enabling them to participate actively in the treatment of their disease. They also provide guidance for family & friends, enabling them to cope more ably and to offer better support to the person with Cancer.

View pictures from the jump in the gallery. To watch the video, right-click in the window below and click on play/pause. It may take a minute or two to load, depending on our broadband speed. Be patient. It is worth it!!

Panoramic View at Crubenbeg

What our guests say

"We arrived as guests and left as friends."

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